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Developers, Architects & Engineers
Regulations will be tighter in the future with an emphasis on quality and energy-efficiency.

The design may look well on paper but on the site there are to many parameters involved making it extremely difficult to get quality within specs. Thermography and Air Tightness Testing are allready highly appreciated and are in fact the only tests available for overall build quality.
So here theory meets practice........ and that’s where we come in.
Our inspections often result in creating solutions on the spot but we consider this as a normal procedure. The feedback is part of a learning proces we're all in constantly, whether it is related to the design or to the execution of the project. Together with you we’ll go for the best results possible to make sure that you will meet your targets.

Installers & Builders

When you need that bit of emphasis on your workmanship we are happy to support you with our service. Accurate data and clear images reflect quality and this is the best promotion you can think of.
Our tests can be performed in various stages of progress. Problem areas can be pin pointed.
Be aware and prevent costly repairs and disputes.

Thermal imaging is the first step to a solution in relation to:

  • Cold bridges
  • Leakages
  • Draughts
  • Dampness

In relation to maximising Air Tightness we'll work with you in finding and solving all critical areas.


Society is turning eco-aware. The property market has turned into a buyers market.
This will have a significant impact on the direction that property trade is heading for.

A house with all the credentials regarding energy efficiency will be more sought after and will represent a higher value and status.

At present the main requirements may be price and location but potential buyers will see themselves forced to move quality and energy efficiency higher up the list of priorities. We can show what quality really is being offered.



Newly build property with serious quality issues is not a rare sight. Our inspections show evidence of defects that are invisible to the bare eye and usually guide the engineer to a targeted 'opening-up'.

Only few owners are succesful in solving these problems with their contractor without taking legal action.

We are happy to see that, in numerous cases, our report had a crucial influence and made a judge decide to close a matter in favour of our client.

Our working standards are compliant with EN13829 for Air Tightness Testing and ISO 6781 for Infrared Thermography

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