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Dear Property Owner

Having a property well build is still the most viable way of working on energy costs and achieving comfort. Proper insulation and air tightness are key issues to achieve this and both are part of new building regulations.

Unfortunately dampness and 'house-is-hard-to-heat' are still common complaints and very few owners are  succesful in solving the problems with their contractors.

We can help you out:

  • when you are still in the process of buying or selling and want to see or show that quality is being offered.
  • when you are in a dispute about alleged defects in builders’ workmanship or suspect a risk of structural damage
  • when you are not happy with the energy bill or heating comfort and don't know where to start or to stop in search of improvement
  • if you don't have peace of mind regarding the quality of the building

The solutions that we present to you are based on maximum impact at minimal costs. You will experience that small things can make a substantial improvement in comfort.

We work according standards EN13829 for Air Tightness Testing and ISO6781 for Thermal Imaging

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property owners warm house

  Not built to burn your money.....


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   ......but to be enjoyed in comfort