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As a company director you choose the processes for your product after thorough consideration. Requirements as: availability, price and quality are obvious. To a certain extend you are happy with your choice of methods and partners.
Be aware though that there are ways to look at your product from a complete different angle that open opportunities or prevent you from walking into a dead end.

Let us surprise you and show what an environmental approach can do for your business. 'Eco' was (and unfortunately still is) discarded by many for its stigmas as being expensive and inferior of quality but we will show you that these are outdated insights.

We have experienced that an environmentally friendly design basically leads to:

  • Cost-reduction
  • Quality improvement

We have developed our own model that helps systematically capture these elements at the same time.

If you would like to see more potential in your product and you recognise these statements or feel challenged by them we would be delighted to talk to you and see where we can be of assistance.
Find some examples

Ecoscan has many years of experience with applying 'Environmentally friendly Product Design' in the Netherlands (including delivering lectures and workshops) while working for one of the multi-nationals that created the foundations of the 'Eco-Indicator' method.

Product Manufacturing & Suppliers

The application of your product is crystal clear to you. You know where your market is and have your ideas about the potential and restrictions of your product.
You are constantly exploring new opportunities though and need some inspiration and new food for thought. Even if you don’t think that a green approach will help we would still be happy to surprise you with solutions that bring new business.

A look through the ‘Eco-Eye’ will:

  • help you improve the product and increase profit.
  • shine a new light on your business and help you find new markets.
  • result in a better advice for your customers and make that difference with your competitors.

Not to forget……it will help in achieving a more sustainable society and thus reduce the impact on the environment.

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