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Sustainable Product Innovation

You are constantly on the outlook for new opportunities for your product but have you thought of ways to ‘go green’? This is where we can help you and show you unexplored potential of basically any product.

This can take place on different levels:

  • on a design level where specific elements of the design need to be avoided or highlighted.
  • looking at manufacturing where more efficient processes are needed
  • exploring new applications and markets by giving insight in the ‘green performance’ of your product.

Ecoscan has many years of experience with applying Environmentally Friendly Product Design (EPD) in the Netherlands (including lectures and workshops) while working for one of the multi-nationals that created the foundations of the 'Eco-Indicator' method.
Our approaches have lead to a number of ideas resulting in patents.

Our in-house developed methodology leads any product to cost reduction and/or reduced environmental impact and/or improved quality .
If you are somewhere in the chain from product development, engineering, manufacturing up to supplier and want to know more

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EcoScan can provide training for either your engineering or sales team. We would be delighted to share our experience and views with your students.


Preparation of Patent Specifications :

We are currently serving clients by preparing the patent specifications for their inventions. Our experience can help you too to create a wider scope on your ideas. We produce all the required documents and drawings that are needed to succesfully file a patent application.


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