Simple experiment

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A little experiment showing the importance of reflection as an insulator.

We filled three tea pots with 600 cc boiling hot tea

1) Pot on the left is made of steel but has an enamel coating.

2) Pot in the middle is made of stainless steel with high reflective properties...'low E-value or emmisivity'

3) Pot on the right is made of ceramic



We put the lit on top and waited for the tea to cool down. We removed the bags :)

The stainless surface of the pot in the middle appears cold and hardly radiates heat (a poor radiator) still extremely hot to the touch as the steel on the other hand is a very good conductor.


After a few minutes we see the tea the pots left and right dropped substantially in temperature and the middle is still red hot



Even after four (!) hours we could see and feel that the tea in the stainless steel pot is still warm