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About Us

EcoScan was founded by Christ Spoorenberg to meet the growing demand towards a more energy conscious public and help reducing its environmental impact and related costs.

Christ has many years of experience in the Netherlands on sustainable product development. This has resulted in working methods that are primairely lead by.... principles.

Beside this, our work ethics are best described by keywords as:

   •    Open mind ness
   •    Focus
   •    Impartiality
   •    Preparation
   •    Cost effectiveness

EcoScan’s mission is to make you share the benefits of our service because at the end we all have to work on the same goal: a sustainable society.

We are approved:

  • Member of SEAI's 'Panel of experts on Air Tightness Testing'
  • Certified Level II Thermographers (Including Building Thermography)


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Christ Spoorenberg