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Building Energy Rating

An energy rating is basically a calculation of the energy consumption of your house.
An energy rating is compulsory for every building (resisidential and commercial) that is subject to a sales or rental transaction.

Our assessments are carried out by SEAI-certified and registered BER-Assessors.

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The calculation uses all the elements of your house that can have an influence on the energy efficiency.
These elements can vary from type of windows and insulation to construction and means of heating. Location and shelter are also parameters.
The outcome of this complex calculation is subsequently converted into an index that you can find on the energy label that is presented to you.
Energy labels became compulsory in 2007 and are applicable to all new dwellings coming on the market either for renting or for sale.
This was extended in 2009 to any existing dwelling that is subject to a transfer. BER-assessments are part of the 'Energy Performance of Building Directive' and regulated by Sustainable Energy Authorithy of Ireland.

This label is comparable to the ones we know from our domestic appliances. In contrast to p.e. your refrigerator is that the BER-label is not based on factual measurements but on theory. There for the label is subject to a lot of discussion as it reflects only an expectation.

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