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EcoScan is an impartial service, focussed on improving thermal efficiency and reducing environmental impact.   

Improve Insulation
Are you tired of living in a damp or draughty house? We identify causes for heat loss, condensation and draught using Thermal Imaging.
    Costs of a survey start at  € 125.-

Improve Built Quality
Our AirTightnessTests help you to improve built quality and to comply with building regulations. Air lakages are pinpointed and solutions are provided on the spot.
    Guideline for costs is €150.- plus € 0.50 per m2 total floor area

Get your Building Energy Rating
Do you need a BER-Rating? Our BER assessors are certified and SEAI-registered.
Also for commercial and Passive Hause!
    Costs of rating plus Cert start at € 125.-

Underfloor Leakage Detection
Avoid unnecessary demolition when looking for a leaking pipe in the house. Four out of five inspections are succesfull.

Electrical Switch Board Inspection
For commercial and industrial applications. As part of preventative maintenance and where the insurance company requires a thermal inspection.

Also.......The ECO-edge
For manufacturing companies. More than 20 years experience in Sustainable Product Innovation resulted in an in-house developed methodology that works….garanteed!


We are based in Sligo but collaborate nationwide with collegues in Sligo, Wexford, Cork and Tyrone.


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We can help pin point problems.